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Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
the sacramento kings from moving to seattle. >> will the oakland city council meeting be a repeat the meeting a week ago? the recent protesters say they will be out in force. >> live from san francisco, two weeks after an oil tanker hit the bay bridge crews are ready to begin the repair work today. >> good morning, sue, in the abc7 traffic center a look at bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were on early before 6:00 because of an early accident before treasure island with a stall and that adds up to a big backup. it is sluggish. we have a new report of an accident on the peninsula. we will check that and the rest of the tuesday morning commute ÑsÑs, gs customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? >> live
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
. they are 23-12. denver on sunday. it's the latest, the very latest is that the sacramento kings are not quite gone to seattle. did i mention that their father works the entire life just to have for denise pierce sunday on the roof? anyway, the late report is that you have can have-for denise pierc brittany spears ....and they may not be going to seattle yes... ? the sacramento kings perhaps will not yet to decide on weather or not going to seattle. the sons of their father, over $500 million. and this is .. high school in maryland the backwards free-throw shot
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am PST
a freeze advisory or frost warning out. takes us until 9:00. one below up in tahoe. 29 sacramento. 27 ukiah. 28 in redding. there is cold readings. i'm standing right in front of the next reading where it looks good but run in. we'll get higher clouds another of it tomorrow. part of the energy goes down to southern california. first couple weeks in january look quiet to me. high pressure will give us sunshine. a lighter breeze. although that could be a little bit more of a southerly breeze in advance of that system coming in. that might help a little bit. but still it's cold out there. lighter breeze and temperatures they will recover a little bit here. some low mid 50s. i think the warmest temps will be peninsula and the south bay. 51 antioch to 54 berkeley. but 57 san jose downtown. 56 santa cruz. 55 tara toga. 56 redwood city. mountain view at 56. a little warmer that south wind. high clouds on thursday. no biggy. weekend looks partly sunny to partly cloudy. >>> all the major european markets are up this morning. investors are reacting to the u.s. budget deal most asian market that are o
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
been at least four flu- related deaths in our state. two in sacramento. and two in orange county. and as people start to feel sick. there is some confusion about whether it's the flu - or just a cold. dr. tomas aragon - with the san francisco health dept - explains the difference. >> of a cold usually just attacking the upper portion of your body but the influence of local law work portions of eurobonds. and morrison comes like fever. muscle aches and you feel like your entire body is a sec. it is not just your respiratory tract. so, in full when secondly make them very, very ill there are a percentage of people that have a very mild flu virus. so they are not exactly sick but they are out transmitting the infection to other people. >> pam: in our highly inter- connected world, the internet has become an important tool for tracking the progress of diseases, such as the flu. new tonight at eight, kron 4's charles clifford shows us how google is doing just that. >> reporter: when people have the flu, they tend to go online and search for flu related information. for the past coup
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
's a little light rain cell over sacramento, stockton, modesto. here in the bay area pretty dry right now, but that could change. you know, you can always keep up with what's going on at >>> congress has approved a $9.7 billion flood insurance measure to help victims of hurricane sandy, but it was a vote that was not only delayed for several days, but also less than what was wanted by new york and new jersey officials. abc news reporter david curly has more on how victims are reacting. >> debris is covering lots surrounded by damages houses. it's the house of representatives that residents are seething about. >> maybe they should come and live at my house. they wouldn't take it. after a week they would want out of here. >> you can tell we had a floor and we had to rip it out. >> ann marie has stayed in her damaged home. weeks without electricity, warm food from the red cross, $2,400.00 from fema, but nothing from her insurance company, which says it's waiting for government flood insurance money. congress finally passed $9 billion to help pay out more flood claims, after nor
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
mstate two years zv according çto the sacramento u k through 12 will myreceive morç money under the budget plan because koof tpassing of the ÷ú proper 30 tax bhike. still the ñgovernor promises u(r(line in the çyears ahead. >>> health çand human çservic activists plan to  1e statewide as zvthe governor releases hthis budget. they are calling çon state leaders to restore çfunding fo programs çfor children, seniory %uplanned in çsan jose, áb(ápsq'to, san zv 1ñfresno. psq'to, san zv >> ç zvçjerry sandusky ça lawyers ÷úin çcourt appealing conviction. dti rráhlawyers arg is trial. he has çbeen sentenced to 30  )for zvabusing ten myboys over a 15 q%ymyear period. he is 68, he still çsays he ÷úç innocent. >>> the long wait çfor the girl @<goes çon. tests v:÷úshow a bone piece çd come from v:her. she was nine when myshe was ç kidnapped ymin 1988. that bone zvpiece was recovered in ÷úa kowell linked to ÷útwo ms murders. they pbelonged to a ÷ú19-year-o vÑ her daughter has çto start fro 3úu(ápách all over ÷again. >> ko cal ocea çan
Jan 26, 2013 7:00am PST
. the national weather service and the sacramento offices, they issued a dense fog advisory, meaning widespread fog with visibility down to a quarter mile for the deltas. so vallejo, stretching into fairfield. you're going to find this if you do again have the early morning drive to prepare for that. satellite radar here. we will continue with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. tracking two systems. the first one is here to the south, bringing us that unsettled weather through the workweek. as we get into the weekend, slowly it is shifting east. so now getting rid of that system. that is actually what has kept our temperatures on the milder side. this system is dropping out. they will bring a bit of the unsettled weather. meaning just a stray shower that will be possible. we'll begin to feel it as early as this afternoon. so this system is exiting, this system is pulling in behind the front with that cooler air as we will remain with just a slight chance of the rain. now, just don't cancel those outdoor plans because our chances are, we'll have partly cloudy skies and cooler conditions for
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved." >>> state lawmakers in sacramento are closely watching this debate in washington. the concern is that if congress doesn't act on the debt ceiling, the national economy could dip and that would likely have a negative effect on california's budget numbers. push >> the biggest risk to our forecast or the analysts' forecasts could come next month and that's from washington, d.c. >> the 2013 budget release by governor brown showed a surplus for the first time in many years and that was thanks to new tax revenue from proposition 30 as well as spending cuts. >>> oakland police investigating a shooting that seriously injured one man. it happened about 8:00 last night on crest avenue. neighbors say they heard about 30 rounds from what sounded likes an automatic assault rifle. the victim ran. he was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. >>> well, oakland's police chief and the mayor, they are working now to stop the surge in violence. 11 people were wounded in shootings over the weekend,
Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
system. a uc spokesman tells the "sacramento bee" they are excited about the proposal. >>> another cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold night here in the bay area. [ laughter ] >> brian hackney -- >> what was it? >> -- has more on the cold freeze warning in effect. brian. >> that's enough of those four- letter words. [ laughter ] >> actually at this hour things are a tiny bit warmer. 45 at concord, oakland 50, livermore 45. it was 43 last night at this time. so it's still going to get cold. freeze warnings are posted for all bay area valleys up in the north bay and down through santa clara county. temperatures will get as low as 26 tonight. so be sure to protect plants, pets. but in the extended forecast, it looks as if after the -- the big chill is going to ease up with that low pressure dome heading into the inner mountain region, high pressure building over the west coast. that's good news ahead for us. we'll have it all when we cover the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> [ indiscernible ] my brother. >> he came to the b
Jan 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
was arrested in sacramento and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. javier garcia's family left the courthouse today without making any comment. >> we're not absolutely sure that there aren't other suspects out there that will be apprehended, arrested in this case. >> reporter: sergeant cary harris of the los gatos police department says police cannot provide more information about the case because it is still under investigation. but court documents from 2006 contain a picture of the millionaire businessman accused of questionable business practices and a sham divorce. >> we'll exhaust every lead before we talk too much about the case. >>> a closer look at the driver accused of causing a deadly crash while fleeing police. a witness took these pictures of police leading him away from the scene outside a mission district market yesterday. recovers say he's 19-year-old david morales. when they tried to pull him over, he took off, slamming into another car. the impact killed a woman in the car and a man on the street. morales was charged with two counts of murder. he also faces attempted murder a
Jan 23, 2013 4:30am PST
. there will be an easy drive getting there. 49 tahoe. 60 in sacramento and low-to-upper 70's in san diego and palm springs and the further south and east you are the less likely you get wet. safe travels. now the commute. >> looking good. good morning, everyone, if you are driving out of antioch, westbound highway four you are at the limit at hillcrest to pittsburg and 242 in concord. and from the central valley it is looking good over the altamont pass out of tracy and central valley area. we have road work on highway we both directions with one way traffic control until 7:00 this morning and now over to eric? >> berkeley-based food company anni's is recalling homegrown pizza after metal american was found in the flour and the dough. all varieties of "rising crust frozen pizza" are affected and is distributed throughout the united states. they say no metal has been found in the finished product. this is precaution only. no consumer complaints or illnesses have been reported. >> two japanese retailers say bay area business is good and they will open more stores. our media partner reports that the
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am PST
and 52 in sacramento and mid-to-upper 50's around san diego and los angeles and they have rough surf. safely travels this weekend. >> southbound 880, san jose has an early accident cleared and now it will improve southbound. westbound 4 has a new accident at 680, the accident is out of the lane but a bumper could be blocking a lane so if you are headed there, you could have debris if the lane. eastbound four is closed because of road work and that will be picked up at 5:00 a.m. westbound, the drive is looking good from antioch in the commute direction. eastbound, dumbarton bridge, road work until 6:00 a.m. this morning with lanes blocked with cones. northbound 85 from mountain view there is road work in the lanes. >> a marin county breeder lost a legal battle to get her horses back. the humane society seized four horses from the farms in an area northwest the novato in western petaluma. there was an investigation after a report that two dozen horses were being subjected to serious neglect and unsafe living conditions. the horses are being monitored and the breader is denying neglect.
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
. today, partly sunny skies being replaced. tomorrow, full-on sunshine. 51 degrees in sacramento. 48 degrees fresno. 27 degrees in tahoe after this morning starting off 9 below zero. tonight, 10 below zero. 51 degrees at monterey bay, through pebble beach. tomorrow's daytime highs, 40s and 50s. the temp range, only about 47 degrees in hayward to 53 degrees in santa rosa. meanwhile, check out your seven- day forecast. again, a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow night, overnight. so another frosty start for monday morning. then the temperatures begin to moderate ever so slightly, until hurray! we finally see 60s, which is seasonal by thursday towards the tail end of the work week. but i have to remind you, one thing we will all notice, probably by monday and tuesday we'll start to see that stagg instant air quality. >> okay. >> i bet you we do have spare the air days going into effect. keep that in mind. >> appreciate the heads-up. >>> dennis is here. couple football games going on, huh? >> oh, yeah, matter of fact, there are one or two going on ri
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am PST
ukiah, 28 sacramento and redding at 24. it's cold. mostly sunny. this system out here is falling apart. there will be a stronger one coming in on late friday, saturday but i think it will go right down to southern california and miss us. mostly sunny. high clouds are coming up. 50s, low, mid, around the bay, you will find some upper 50s to near 60. oakland downtown which will probably be warmer than the oakland airport. pittsburg, 55. gilroy, 63. santa cruz, 59. cue her tino is -- cupertino is in there. it may be warmer in daly city than brisbane. colder, cloudy to mostly cloudy on sunday. and back to cold and sunny days on monday. >>> thank you, steve. 7:10. a new policy is in place to help prevent violence at san francisco homeless shelters. shelters are allowed to close their doors to people who are violent or make threats outside of the shelter. the new policies were approved last month by the city's human services commission in response to a deadly shooting. >>> in the past, shelters were not allowed to ban people for violent behavior. >>> so far in 2013, the bay area has been ban
Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
officer. galt is a city of just about 24,000 people 20 mimes south of sacramento. tahn is believed to be the first galt police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. >>> authorities are looking for two carjackers tonight. the man was returning to his home on truman street about 8:30 this morning when two men forced him out of his suv at gunpoint. deputies are look for a 2007 gray chevy tahoe with california license plate 5 wjn 237. >> larry esquivel plans toen continue the programs underway in the department when he takes over after the chief retires this weekend. >> really just to be that sounding board and the resource for our officers to increase morale. >> san jose city manager announced esquivel's aappointment yesterday. she needs more time to come up with a permanent replacement. >>> oakland residents and activists are crowding the city council chambers in protest over the latest policing plan. john sasaki is there live. >> reporter: they are facing vocal opposition from critic of a plan to bring in william bratton. they think spending $250,000 to hire former los angele
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
. >>> trying to keep the kings in sacramento. they are wrapping up season tickets in a new arena. jack! what happened? me and jason came back with drinks and all 20 nuggets were gone. we got nugged. there was a nugging. this guy just came running up... dip! dip! dip! shoveling 'em into his face! give me your nuggets- -we're like "no! save some for our boyfriends!" need more nuggets? jack's crispy, all-white meat chicken nuggets come with a choice of seven awesome sauces. an order of 20 is only $4.99 we should probably call the cops. i'll just get you more nuggets. no, thanks, i'm stuffed. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:24, the world's largest soda machine is getting criticism for a new marketing push. coca-cola using this two minute ad to suggest americans cut back on sugary drinks finding low or no calorie substitute. they -- substitutes but the doctor behind this calls it hip critical. >> well, they are trying to say coca-cola can be part of a healthy lifestyle and that's just not true. >> the doctors say one can of soda contains more sugar than you need
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
on sale on wednesday. >>> mayor of sacramento says he can raise the money needed to keep the kings from moving to seattle. kevin johnson told usa today he's working with billionaires ron burke l and mark to raise $425 to $450 million. this comes after a seattle based group led by steve bomber and steve hanson are trying to buy the kings. >>> it could be a big night for steven spielberg at the golden globe. spielberg lincoln is nominated for seven golden globes. ben affleck argo are both nominated for five awards. comedians tina fey and amy will host the ceremony. >>> your new miss america is miss new york. >> drew: there she is miss new york has won the title of miss america. 23-year-old mallory hagan took top honors in the beauty pageant last night after tap dancing to james brown and answered the question about whether armed guards belong in school. she defeated notable contestants. >>> time now 7:21. it's freezing here but it's even colder in the mountains. the new service in the sierra that may make travel a little easier. >>> victims of super storm sandy kicked out of their hotel
Jan 4, 2013 5:00am PST
in cities like sacramento and san francisco where voters have already passed an ordinance against sitting or lying on sidewalks. >>> a follow-up to a story we first broke on wednesday. san jose man accused of taking the law into his own hands has now been officially charged with murder. luis hernandez is accused of shooting and killing christopher soriano on new year's eve. hernandez told police he was frustrated they were not responding to numerous calls for help after a rash of burglaries in an apartment complex. he told police he thought soriano was a serial burglar and tried to make a citizens arrest. the victim's mother is blaming the mayor for police staffing cuts. >> the mayor has to do something about the police force. you need to hire more men. i know budgets and -- cut somewhere else. don't cut the police department. we need more officers out there to prevent things like this happening. >> in an e-mail, the mayor said he agrees with the need for more officers on the streets and that the city is currently in the process of training 40 new police recruits. >>> do you like those we
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
of galt. it's located on highway 99 between stockton and sacramento. galt police say officer kevin tonn confronted a burglary suspect. the two got into a fight, then the man shot officer tonn with a handgun. two other officers chased the suspect, but police say the man shot and killed himself. 35-year-old officer tonn can be seen here with his k-9 yaro. now, the small department is mourning its loss. >> everybody enjoyed working with him. he was a hard working officer so -- and he was -- he was a lot of fun to work with. >> we've learned officer tonn was actively involved with the bay area organization called cover your k-9, which provides bullet proof vests for police dogs. tonn and yaro participated at a fundraiser in oakland just last summer. >>> in the bay area, a huge turnout for a gun buyback program in marin county led to some unexpected problems today. allie explains what organizers did once they ran out of cash. >> the buyback program began at 11:00 this morning at five marin county locations. at police headquarters the line to turn in weapons snaked around the build sglg two s
Jan 10, 2013 5:00am PST
facing the state two years ago. according to the sacramento bee, k through 12 schools will receive more money thanks to the prop 30 tax hike. they plan to rally as they release the budget to restore funding for programs for children seniors and disabilities. rallies are planned in san jose, san francisco fresno and san bernardino. >>> vice-president joseph biden is hosting more white house meetings on gun violence. the vice-president is listening to both sides of the debate and coming up, we will hear from the very diverse groups the vice-president will be meeting with today. >>> they are testing the span of the bay bridge and right now 10,000 of the lights are installed. eventually there will be 2 5,000 creating what is known as a light sculpture. they are being checking the entire thing span. >>> they have freeways in the east bay and traffic looks good as you drive through the bridge and it's a nice commute headed through the from westbound bridge approaching the toll it is knot nice a -- it's nice an empty and heading towards fremont, that is also a nice looking start. >> i would no
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
-- formal offer has been made. they hope to find local buyers to keep the kings in sacramento. >>> they hope a little divine intervention will help knock off the green bay packers. >> there should not be no players too big that we shall not overcome. >> they are having trouble keeping these prayer stick candles in stock. some are buying them in bulk for the playoffs. tune in for the big game and coverage begins with playoff play book on saturday and the fox free became show starts at kickoff, just after 5:00 and you can catch mark following the game. >> sal, does the commute have a prayer? >> we have breaking news now, a truck -- a hardware truck has just caught on fire and now we are getting reports this truck has exploded. the fire crews have shut down highway 37 in vallejo at 29 and we are on the way to let you know more about it. in fact somebody sent me a picture of it and let's look at the view, it is very slow. let's go to steve. >>> it is breezy and colder and there has been some showers and there will be showers along the san mateo coast and in the santa cruz mountains where there
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> hundreds of people gathered in a small town in sacramento county to honor a fallen police officer. people living in the community held a vigil to remember officer kevin tong. his fellow officers called him a highly-respected, hard- working public servant. he was a member of the police k- 9 unit. >>> investigators say the gunman who fatally shot the officer was not involved in a burglary as first thought. he did fit the description of the burglar police were looking for. but the motive remains a mystery. investigators say the officer was talking to 30 humphrey gascon. when gascon pulled out a gun and shot him and then gascon then shot and killed himself. >>> a judge ruled against a windsor family whose relatives remains were moved to another plot by the cemetery of the shilo cemetery relocated the body of enrique alvarez a month after his december 2010 burial. the cemetery realized they buried him in the wrong plot. the family says it whats never told his body would be exhumed. the family was seeking $150,000 in damages. >>> it's been seven years believe it or not since hurricane katrina w
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am PST
. the sacramento kings may have some new bidders. the bee reports that ron berkele are in serious talks to buy the team and help finance the new downtown arena. the founder of 24-fitness wants tried to buy the team. >>> a man is accused of a disturbance inside a vallejo hospital emergency room. police say 28-year-old tabby small stormed into the sutter solano medical center monday morning demanding to see his wife being held for mental health exams. officers say the group leaped over the counter and started to attack medical personnel. he was arrested on charges of battery on medical staff. >>> the vallejo police department promises it won't be caught short handed. the herald reports that six ours will retire. the -- officers will retire. the department could drainle to the lowest -- dwindle to the lowest in years. >>> the voice actor who portrayed charlie brown was arrested on stalking charges in southern california. 56-year-old peter robbins is said to be arraigned today. he was the voice of charlie. >>> san jose police are looking for the men behind the brazen robbery of an elderly couple.
Jan 20, 2013 8:30am PST
are heading to the sacramento or san joaquin valley, expect fog. the futurecast for the bay area, we roll the atmosphere ahead for the next 24 hours. this is a lapse that should form. there is none right through tonight and tomorrow morning. we will go with severely clear over the bay area. forecasted highs in if 60s. # 6 at santa rosa. 61 in -- 66 at santa rosa. 64 in livermore. san jose 68. this afternoon game time temperature 60 degrees under sunny skies. weather will not be a factor. in the five-day forecast the numbers look like 60s much of the rest of the week until we get into midweek. then we will cool it down. maybe by next saturday we will begin to introduce a chance of rain into the bay area, but that is not until saturday. today looks good. the week looks good, so, have a good one. i think it should be pretty nice today. >> it would be nice. last week was so annoyingly chilly. it was cold! >> it but cold. tell it to the people in st. paul. >> yes. >> i am sorry they couldn't show up. it was cold and annoying here. this is good news. >> i found it annoying, too. i have bee
Jan 23, 2013 5:00am PST
with katie will air tomorrow at 3:00 right here. >> sacramento lawmakers are in an unusual situation. ahead in our 6:00 hour, what is behind a sudden windfall in the state coffers. a fall in stock price is a problem for apple >> all eyes are on apple when they release the newest earnings report that could be a major disappointment. according to the "los angeles times" the consensus among an sifts is apple will report $55 billion in revenue. that sounds good but many expect only $13.41 a share in earnings down 46 cent adds share from the same quarter a year ago. it will be the first drop in a decade for apple. investor could see it as a sign that the new mix of products including the ipad mini are hurting the usually high profit margins with the new report released at 2:00 a.m. after trading is ended. >> have you checked facebook this morning? all the posting "like like" could make you unhappy. one if three felt worse after visiting the social network site. the issue is that people become envious of their friends' lives and more unhappy with their own lives. viewing vacation photos were the
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
sacramento. only at 49 today. fresno at 50 and the same here. the forecast for the bay area, we're going to be looking at numbers all within a few degrees of 50. 51 at mountainview, 51 at fremont, 51 at hayward and 50 degrees down at morgan hill. 101 down there at the east dunn avenue. 50 degrees at pittsburgh. the thing for them here, napa the same. 39 for livermore. up in the north bay, a little chillier there. sampson beach at 51 degrees. 52 at mill valley and 41 degrees in san rafael. for the nfl playoffs tonight. green bay verses san francisco. mostly clear and cool. temperatures will be about 49 degrees at game time. in the extended forecast, we're going to be looking for things to stay sunny all week long and the numbers will not improve dramatically if you consider warmer temperatures in improvement, you'll get it, but it will take until the end of the week. numbers will be near approaching, perhaps even suggesting saying 65 by next saturday. >> balmy. >> yes, california standards, yeah. >> all right, thanks. >>> doctors and other professio
Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
anderson was arraigned last week. and 21-year-old deangelo austin was arrested in sacramento and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. javier garcia's family left the courthouse today without making any comments. >> we're not absolutely sure that there aren't other suspects out there that will be apprehended, arrested in this case. >> reporter: sergeant kerry harris of the los gatos- monte sereno police department says police cannot provide more information about the case because it is still under investigation. but court documents from 2006 obtained by the "mercury news" paint a picture of a millionaire businessman accused of questionable business practices and a sham divorce. >> the key for us is to make sure we exhaust every investigative lead before we start talking too much about the case. >> reporter: and the fourth and final suspect in the case at least arrested so far is expected to be arraigned here tomorrow afternoon. at this point, we do not know if three or possibly all four of those suspects will be tried together. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, cbs
Jan 3, 2013 9:00pm PST
was arrested by sacramento police on saturday in connection with the high profile killing of businessman okay he's the fourth suspect to be taken into custody for the crime. how and why cool was killed is stool not known because details of the case are under seal. >> clearly we are going to be learning how did these defendants get into this house. how did they know that he had a lot of wealth. how did they know he had a coin collection. all of these things are going to be important. >> we uncovered new information through the court documents yesterday. weighs reported about his sordid past including alleges of sham divorce to hide millions of dollars in assets, filings also claim he was involved in risky business dealings over important nothing refuse and game bling. another court appearance for the suspect who are accused of killing him scheduled for tomorrow. >>> san francisco police are lacking for 5 armed men who stole money electronic in home invasion this morning. police tell us the men showed knife and hand guns stormed into a home on 40th avenue just before 3:00 a.m. middle of t
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
think truckee is four below. 26 ukiah. 29 sacramento. it's cold. northern california all all the way down to southern california as well. another system approaching but it's just absolutely falling apart. it doesn't have the jet stream nit favor. part of the jet stream goes south. part goes north and we are left between. as you can see in the cloud and rain forecast the system runs into a wall of high pressure. we will get higher clouds out of it. that is about the end result. otherwise it simply can't do much. we had the jet stream right over us for the longest time. parts north and south between. sunshine light breeze and a little warmer today. the breeze inland could be a little warmer. 50s on the temps. low, mid a few upper. san jose 57. santa clara 57. milpitas 56. temperatures will rebound a little bit here. redwood city 56. high clouds on thursday and friday looks good. the weekend looks partly sunny and partly cloudy. next system going to southern california. >>> 6:11. will the children that survived a connecticut school shooting are about to go back to school. what is being
Jan 15, 2013 5:00am PST
sacramento. and 57 degrees into monterey bay. latest computer forecast models show mostly clear skies with occasional high clouds passing through. otherwise, it is going to stay dry today. then another cold night tomorrow morning but probably in the quit as cold as this morning. temperatures about 56 degrees in san jose for a high today. 55 in san mateo. 55 also in hayward. east bay numbers mainly up into the 50s although you see the blue over the mountaintops means the temperatures will stay in the 40s and looks like high as 57 in oakland, maybe the hotspot how about 58 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days we are looking at lots of sunshine and some warmer weather, some 60s showing up across the board as we head in toward tomorrow and right in through the weekend staying dry probably through monday but i think toward the million-dollar of next week a major change in the weather pattern usually a dry spell in the middle of winter. this is it. after this, it looks like winter is going to make a nice return. >> all right. >> if it's not cold e
Jan 3, 2013 5:00am PST
54 sunshine in sacramento. 56 degrees in fresno. the high country looking good. temperatures there in the 40s. should be an easy ride. still it looks like around the bay area today, we are enjoying some sunshine and temperatures moving into the upper 50s in the south bay. 58 degrees in san jose. 58 in morgan hill. and 57 degrees in mountain view. even along the coastline we'll see temperatures there in the mid- to upper 50s. 53 degrees in livermore. 55 in pleasanton. should be about 55 degrees in walnut creek. as you head inside the bay today plenty of sunshine about 58 degrees in oakland. 56 in san francisco and sunny. 56 degrees also in santa rosa. high pressure holding on. saturday things change. a few clouds begin to roll into our skies and maybe late saturday night into sunday a chance of rain returning to the bay area. doesn't look like a big storm but could be a little wet. then drying out monday and tuesday. by then we may actually see some temperatures moving up into the 60s. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a federal judge has refused
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
to the bay area. >> stopping disaster before it happens. why east palo alto is looking to sacramento for a little bit of help. >> reporter: a group of college students sleeping in their beds suddenly broken in on by a group of armed robbers. we'll tell you what happened from their own words next. ,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack yourh lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. kleenex® care pack of soothing essentials. go to and enter the code from specially-marked bundles of kleenex® tissues. because only america's softest tissue turns a gesture into a complete gift of care. to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautif
Jan 20, 2013 7:00am PST
outside busch stadium. >>> pro baseball player with north california ties was arrested in sacramento. he was an infielder for the dodgers organization. he tried to dodge the police after doing wheelies on his motorcycle. he was arrested for reckless driving. he was drafted and once played. >>> surfing is expected to start soon. rosemary orozco will have the weather. rosemary, you say this about the weather? >> it is 15 to 20 feet. it is for all the ocean beaches. so if you plan ongoing out, keep an eye on the water and the little ones. another beautiful day on tap. fast forward you into tuesday afternoon. there is the time stamp there. off the coast, we have a line of rain. it looks like it fizzles out and moves to shore. we are into early morning and doesn't go any farther than this. and this is the first opportunity. maybe wet weather by wednesday afternoon. so now that you know, we have changes on the way and maybe take advantage of the gorgeous weather. we are looking at temperatures in the 30s. even slightly below for valley locations. widespread 40s. right around the bay and near t
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
the sacramento county coroner's office found no signs of trauma or foul play on her body for many san francisco 49ers fans tomorrow just can't get here fast enough. >> some of them can be seen outside the team's training camp in santa clara. they're flying red and gold. and cheering as the players come and go. some players did stop to sign autographs. long time niners and elden brown and his family. >> the game will be at 5 in the evening. >> with a quick break let us go outside for a live look at the san mateo bridge. where we see traffic is like here on 92. it is cold out there especially in our interior valleys cold enough to have a frost and freeze warning in effect. we will get updates throughout the morning on those temperatures. >> we're back 4:10 is the time. >> taking a look at the market this morning futures trading show all three indexes in the negative. after stocks closed higher for the second straight day yesterday. >> here is a look at the closing numbers. the dow finished up 80 points. >> the nasdaq gained 16. >> and the s and p was up 11 points ending the day at a five-year hig
Jan 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
in sacramento. so if anybody has a laser, i'll steal it. the mouse is a laser. [inaudible conversations] oh, the cur corps. got it -- the cursor. got it. hey. [laughter] [applause] what was that about bold thinkers? [laughter] yeah. next time i'll keep my mouth shut. all right. this is the same study population. we're looking at relative risks. and, but this time -- there we are. we've got prior convictions broken down in two different ways. so prior convictions not involving a gun and cannot involving violence -- and not involving violence in this group. and this group further broken down -- i keep losing the cursor -- this group further broken down whether they have one or two convictions, nothing worse than that. okay? then we have a group that had prior convictions involving guns but not violence. carrying a concealed firearm, let's say. and again broken down whether they have one such conviction or two or more. and finally, if you will, at the apex of criminality, those who have convictions for violence offenses. but remember, i am talking about people who purchased handguns legally, p
Jan 27, 2013 7:00am PST
for the sacramento, san joaquin river delta. . a smaller tunnel would actually result in more water for cities and farms. they also say it would with better for the environment and it would cost the state less. >>> a live look from our roof cam this morning. just a gorgeous looking day outside stepping out maybe not feeling as good. still, freezing in some areas. but temperatures now slowly turning around and for the afternoon we'll be below average. 36-degrees in napa. 34 in fairfield. these areas starting out at freezing so now a tiny bump there. still cold. 41 in novato. mid 40s around the bay. san francisco reporting mid 40s as well as oakland. 31 defrees in calistoga. into the east bay temperatures chilly this morning in walnut creek 35 for you. 38-degrees in san ramon. the winds generally light right now. i do expect they will pick up in the afternoon where they are already gusty along the coastline this morning. half-moon bay reporting winds about 25 miles an hour. and even though half-moon bay reads 48 degrees it feels more like 40 degrees. a bit of a brisk start in most  locations. i
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